03/09 2018 Online alternatives to study Portuguese. Episode 1: Memrise

Because we’re getting quite close to celebrating the European Day of Languages, here is one of the most useful alternatives to studying Portuguese outside classrooms, be it European or Brazilian: Memrise.

Memrise, just like the name suggests, is a website which helps you learn almost anything, not just foreign languages, in an interactive way which functions based on an algorithm that adapts content according to your scores. To be more precise, if you get one or more answers wrong, Memrise will notice this and will reintroduce those notions until it makes sure you have memorized the information in a correct way. Also, what it does, it shows you various mnemonic techniques in order to facilitate information retention.
You will get extra points both for dexterity and speed, and at the end of the lesson you will be the proud owners of a pot full of seeds (the information you planted in your mind), which later on you will have to “water”, just like Memrise indicates – you will have to recycle the information so that it passes from short term memory to long term memory. You will know this process is over, at least from Memrise’s point of view, when your pot blossoms – a rather endearing analogy.
Memrise is available both for desktops and mobile phones, which is extremely useful, since you can put yourself to work while commuting, as long as you have a good Internet connection.
The platform is very attractive not only because of its content, but also because it delivers information at high speed, the animations and the colors reduce the idea of learning and foster the gamification process of learning. If you’re highly competitive, you might enjoy seeing how you score in comparison with members from all over the world who use Memrise as well.
As far as the Portuguese language is concerned, Memrise’s greatest advantage is that it offers a wide variety of modules, for all levels of proficiency and it is not limited to grammar, but includes vocabulary challenges divided into themes (Portuguese for tourists, the city, body parts, at home etc.). Pronunciation is not left on the side either, as each new element is accompanied by the correct pronunciation, which you will get to hear every time you see that element.
Logging on to the platform is free of charge, you will only need a valid e-mail address. The only disadvantage, for Romanian users at least, is that learning is done through English, therefore you need to have basic knowledge of English to take full advantage of the platform.
If you’re using other platforms and you’re happy about the way they work, send us an e-mail at contact@falaportugues.ro and let us know.