03/09 2018 PortCast – the Portuguese Friend of Podcast Lovers

PortCast is an online platform developed by Catarina Stichini, a Portuguese teacher with more than 10 year of experience, together with a great team of professionals, teachersm translators and the like.


PortCast’s magic consists in the power of podcasts – mp3s which you can download for free, or in exchange for a small fee. They are downloadable together with a pdf file which contains a glossary, comprehension exercises, grammar and vocabulary exercises as well as the answer key. You can choose podcasts with European or Brazilian pronunciation, slow or normal reading rhythm.

The Portcasts are divided into three levels of difficulty, which correspond to the descriptors of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as follows:

  • Level 1 – corresponds to European levels A1 and A2, meaning beginners;
  • Level 2 – corresponds to European levels B1 and B2, and is suitable for intermediate levels;
  • Level 3 – corresponds to European levels C1 and C2, therefore advanced level.


Except for Level 1 materials, in which the glossary is Portuguese-English, all the other materials are accompanied by a monolingual glossary.

Another friendly aspect is the fact that all the PortCast packs are divided into themes, from professional life to gastronomy, to culture and history – so, if you know exactly what you have your mind set on you can go straight to the theme you have chosen for yourself. And if your Portuguese knowledge is limited to Bom dia!, the website has an English version as well – the button to switch from the Portuguese version to the English one is in the top left corner.

PortCast is a great source of much needed materials for anyone looking to improve his/her Portuguese skills and for teachers looking for engaging activities for class. You can use them in your own rhythm and in your own time. In other words, PortCast because Portuguese has never sounded this easy, available at www.portcast.net.