About us

Our Bucharest-based organization was founded back in 2016.

Our main aim is to promote Portuguese language in its entire complexity through cultural and educational projects, as well as through Portuguese language courses.

We believe great opportunities arise from access to great education, which is why we dedicate a lot of time to planning, designing and delivering our courses.

Learning a foreign language is more than learning grammar and vocabulary. It is about expanding your horizon, understanding cultures and communicating in such a way that fully resonates with your interlocutor. As a result, in our activities combined we focus on developing pragmatic and intercultural abilities, apart from linguistic competencies.


Cristina Nițu, Founder

Cristina is the founding member of our organization, which she has been running from the very beginning. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bucharest University and holds a Major in Portuguese Studies. She is currently working on her PhD thesis in Linguistics. She is also a certified trainer and a sworn translator. If you are interested in project collaborations, personalized courses or learning and design input, she is the person you should contact.

Simina Popa

For Simina, the Portuguese language has accompanied her in her professional activity ever since graduating the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Bucharest University, where she later returned for an MA in Translation Studies. She is a literary translator, a trainer and a cultural events organizer.

Andrei Busuioc, Graphic & Web Designer

Andrei is responsible for our online presence and everything related to our visual identity. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Bucharest University. When he is not drafting new material for Fala Português! or his making own 2D and 3D animations, he is a Senior Art Director at a top publicity agency. If you would like to see what he is up to, his portfolio is available at i.am.boosuioc.com

Co-founders of Fala Português! NGO
Mihaela Drăghici and Daniela Mirodone