Corporate courses

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During our courses we develop not only pragmatic and linguistic competencies, but also general skills such as critical thinking, creativity and team work.

Each couse objective is clearly established, both from a pragmatic point of view and a linguistic one, it is measurable and closely monitored. All the stages we go through during the learning process are organized in a logical fashion, so that our couse attendants can fully understand the importance and usefulness of the objective we set our for them.

In organizing and delivering our courses, we follow two equally important strands: cognitive science, on the one hand and second language acquisition, on the other hand. We focus not just on the way we organize the information, but also on the way we pass it on to our course attendants.

For personalized Portuguese corporate courses, whether you are looking for specialized vocabulary or a certain proficiency level, send us your request at

In case you are looking to improve the internal courses you are delivering, we offer consultancy in training and learning regarding ways to organize information, structuring group work and training techniques.